A simple physical description of me is as follows; 5'7", 6 feet in heels, soft smooth skin, long red hair and a voice that invites you to tell me your desires. Though you will learn once you meet me that I'm anything but simple.

I was born in the Pacific Northwest, though I have traveled all over the United States. I'm college educated and have a sense of humor that keeps you at ease when your heart starts to race in anticipation of the coming events.

I am quite selective with the people who I entertain and this is due to the fact that I truly do love my job. Meeting people and helping them come out of their shell is what I live for.

On a regular day you'll find me enjoying the outdoors taking in a long walk at a local Seattle area park, exploring a Farmer's Market or at one of my favorite yoga classes. I work out regularly to ensure that my body is as fit and able to match my sharp wit and contagious humor.

If you chose to spend time with me you will find an extremely open, caring and sensual individual who is there completely and totally for you. Please treat me with respect and I will respond in kind.

"Raquel is one of those rare ladies who understand that this hobby is popular because itís fun and exciting.
She makes you feel like a million bucks and that you are the center of her universe!"..."