Initial contact is made using my

If we have met before, please feel free to get in touch me with directly to schedule. Please know that I do value your company and friendship but I am not always able to carry on a social conversation via email or phone.

The donation covers my time and companionship only. My rates are non-negotiable under any circumstance! When you arrive please place the donation on the counter in plain view and excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands/freshen up.

Due to my increased output cost and the issues I have had with scheduling I require a deposit for all new friends. The deposit amount is directly connected to the amount of time being requested. The deposit is 100% applied to the full donation amount once we meet and it is just to solidify the plans we are making. The deposit is designed to weed out people who aren't serious about actually meeting and having a wonderfully relaxing time together.

I do accept P411 client members, though additional verification information requirements may be necessary and the deposit is always required.

"She is different than most other ladies I have known in a very cool sensual way that exudes an inner confidence, girlish laugh...need I say more..."