Take the time to read my website before our first meeting. Those who do, enjoy the benefits of such attentiveness. Remember...You never get a second chance to make a first impression! The best way to initiate contact is through my Contact Form.

I do require that you excuse yourself to the restroom once you arrive. There will be soap, mouthwash, and towels available to you. Take this time to freshen up in every way possible. Iíll be sure to always have silky skin, clean hair, and inviting breath. Hint, if you get a gold star in this arena you will be rewarded ten-fold.

Please be courteous and do not attempt to negotiate regarding my fees. For travel or expanded packages, just tell me how long you would like us to spend together and I will advise you of requirements for a deposit. Letís avoid a situation where I need to ask for the fee and certainly do not attempt to discuss money in any wayÖ as this will only result in the termination of our engagement.

I do require two current references from established companions to secure an appointment. However, if you're unable to provide this information, my Contact Form has alternaitve screening options. All information you provide will be held in strict confidence and promptly discarded after we meet.

Sadly life has been known to get in the way of fantasy and there are those rare occasions where our time together will suffer. If this does happen an it is not within the scheduled times listed below then a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment will be due.

If I am in my home market of Seattle and less than a full 24 hours notice is given the cancellation fee applies. If I am touring I require a full 48 hours notice. If the appointment was scheduled more than 30 days in advance regardless of if I am home or touring then I require a full 72 hours notice.

"I was referred to Raquel by a good friend so setting up a date was easy. She was very responsive and flirty in her communication, setting the tone for a wonderful evening"