"The truth is that from birth on we are, to one extent or another, a fairly sensual species." - Jock Sturges

Truer words have never been spoken. 'Sensual'...the word rolls off the tongue in such a manner that makes ones pulse race and heart beat quicken. It's a word that has been used to describe me on more than one occasion...and I take great pride in that.

If this is your first time visiting me or you're unsure about the behavior/process please make sure you read my ETIQUETTE Page.

If you are familiar with this delightfully secret world and you know I am the companion for you then you can go right to my PACKAGE Page.

Either way please look around my site and get to know more about me...drink it all in and then when you can stand it no longer CONTACT me and we can explore your desires and expand your horizons.

I have conveniently posted my schedule and availability on my CALENDAR here. Hopefully we can connect...

"Itís been days since our appt, but whenever I think about it, a huge smile comes across my face. Probably the most fun I have had! I have been Roxxxed and it is amazing."